Why the world needs taxes

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“I do not believe in French jealousy, which consists in believing that successful people should be taxed” Emmanuel Macron

In spite of studying philosophy, it seems like our dear President may have forgotten to wonder what success actually meant here. The question that will be raised in this article, however, will concentrate more on the social and economic analysis of this statement: I will explain why I truly believe that a fair taxation system is a necessity for any country’s wellbeing.

self-made man myth: no one really builds an empire on their own. We rely on society itself.

As mentioned in the GDP article (create hyperlink), some prerequisites need to be satisfied to allow value creation.

evasion fiscale vs fraude chomage etc (data gueule)

Of course, some improvements could be made to encourage workers to ex: prime d’activité, but weight of fiscal evasion is a lot higher.

macron et l’isf transformé en IFI pourquoi?

Les riches doivent-ils toujours etre plus riches?

taxation system, loopholes, tax-deductible = the ones informed or able to afford tax-advisor services are the rich ones. I learned in some of my classes how to make legally pay 0 taxes (panama, transfer costs etc)



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